Proofreading & editing

Each translation is professionally revised by us and checked either in part or in full according to your specifications. The proofreader checks the spelling and grammar of the completed translation. An editor provides the final touches to your text so that you can impress your clients and interested parties with a fluently written text.


In addition to checking the spelling and grammar, the proofreader also checks and corrects the texts for spacing, fonts, highlighting, etc. and paragraph layout (right and left alignment).


The editor checks the quality, content and style of the written work or technical translation and makes any necessary changes.

This is primarily to ensure that the layout is correct, that linguistic subtleties and nuances, as well as regional peculiarities specific to the country of destination have been taken into consideration and that there are no errors in the spelling and grammar. The editor also checks the chapter headings, titles and subtitles of the translation.

Final proof

If required, we can take care of the whole process right through to proofing and deliver a print-ready file to your printer.