Specialist sectors and fields

INTERSERV specialises in translations for business, science and culture, all demanding fields in terms of quality. We have professional knowledge specific to your sector and offer tailor-made solutions. We work with numerous mother-tongue translators who stand out for their academic qualifications, commitment to continuing professional development and practical experience of the field concerned.

We specialise in the following areas:

Research, science

Highly specialised translation, editing and proofreading of research and scientific texts.

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Arts and culture

Finesse and cultural understanding are required for translations in the fields of literature, music, dance, theatre, architecture or visual arts & film.

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IT, electronics, electrical engineering

We translate your specifications, applications, documentation and websites.

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Technology and industry

We translate your manuals, operating instructions and training documents and manage your terminology databases.

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Medicine, pharmacology

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts with a detailed understanding of the topic, approval requirements and the law.

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Marketing, advertising

We produce effective, creative adaptations of your advertising texts that will resonate with your target audience.

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Finance, economics and law

We translate all financial and legal texts, from asset management to private banking and official documents.

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