Arts and culture

Translations for arts and culture

Finesse and cultural understanding are required to put into words the motif of a captivating symphony, or the dynamism of an expressive and colourful canvas painting.

So when it comes to cultural translations in particular, word-for-word, literal translations simply don’t cut it. Instead, an accurate translation demands deep engagement with the work of art. In doing so, the translator acts as a cultural mediator between the work, the artist and the audience, or as a bridge-builder between cultures.

To meet these high standards, highly qualified translators, who have the necessary competence, linguistic finesse, specialist terminology as well as practical experience in the fields of literature, music, dance, theatre, architecture or visual arts & film, apply their talents to your texts.

We translate:

  • exhibition and museum catalogues,
  • programme booklets,
  • publications, press releases,
  • web & social media content,
  • audio guides,
  • film and video subtitling,
  • articles for architectural journals,
  • & literature.

Translations adapted to the audience and culture of the target language

Our qualified art and music experts always translate from a foreign language into their mother tongue. With in-depth knowledge of the culture of the desired target language, they are able to take into account the linguistic nuances of the target audience.

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Desktop publishing and print ready

We work with all file formats, translate directly into your layout, multimedia or image file and deliver the translation back to you in the preferred language. If so desired, we can also take care of the layout and final editing (print ready) and deliver the final draft to your preferred printing partner.

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