Medicine, pharmacology

Medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical translations

Translating medical and pharmaceutical texts requires detailed, specialist knowledge of the subject area, as well as approval and regulatory requirements. Whether they are translating a clinical report, package leaflet, operating instructions for a piece of laboratory equipment or patent application, our medical translators work accurately and diligently. They have several years’ experience in the medical, biomedical or pharmaceutical field.

We translate the following documents:

  • reports, studies and specialist publications,
  • package leaflets for medical products,
  • patient information and brochures,
  • installation guides and instructions for use for medical devices,
  • medical certificates, diagnoses and expert assessments.

Precise terminology

Our medical experts use dedicated, business-specific terminology data banks to apply consistent terminology in their translations from one text to another.

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Security and confidentiality

The security and confidentiality of your documents are our absolute priority. All our employees are contractually bound to maintain confidentiality. INTERSERV’s innovative IT department guarantees secure data exchange through the VPN and advanced encryption technology.

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