Technology and industry

Technical translations

Our technical, industrial, engineering and architecture specialists work on the basis of absolute accuracy and have several years’ experience and knowledge of the sector.

We translate the following documents:

  • specifications and manuals,
  • site documentation and descriptions,
  • installation guides and instructions for use,
  • training documents,
  • environmental reports and studies.

CAT tools such as translation memories and business-specific terminology data banks help our specialists, reduce costs and improve the quality of your texts.

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Security and confidentiality

The security and confidentiality of your documents are our absolute priority. All our employees are contractually bound to maintain confidentiality. INTERSERV’s innovative IT department guarantees secure data exchange through the VPN and advanced encryption technology.

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Desktop-publishing and proofs

We deal with all file formats and can translate directly in page layout, multimedia or image files, delivering them in your chosen language. If required, we can take care of the whole process right through to proofing and deliver a print-ready file to your printer.

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