We can obtain a notary’s certificate for your translation and if required, an apostille from the state chancellery.


In Switzerland, with the exception of Geneva, there are no sworn translators or translation companies which can undertake legally valid translations. The translation documents must therefore be certified at a notary’s office or in some cantons by a freelance notary.

Only INTERSERV can have a translation certified by a notary for translations carried out by INTERSERV.

The notary’s office does not check the contents, but merely confirms the signed text that the translation has been performed by us “to the best of our knowledge and belief”.

Apostilles made by the state chancellery

Apostilles made by the state chancellery (or the certification of the notary’s signature) are usually required by foreign consulates.

The apostille can be obtained by yourself or by us.

The consulate or embassy in the country requesting the translation then obtains the apostille from the state chancellery for the relevant translation.