Desktop-publishing & multimedia

We translate directly into your layout, multimedia or image files and return them to you in the desired language.

PDF     InDesign     Photoshop    PowerPoint    AVI (MOVIES)    MP4 (MOVIES)


Translation of brochures from InDesign

Never before has the translation of brochures and instructions from InDesign been so easy! We translate your InDesign files and return the layout file to you in the requested language. The texts no longer have to be copied back and forth to Word by hand. Since the advent of Adobe InDesign CS4, an InDesign file can be saved in an IDML export format (InDesign Markup Language). The translator then processes the IDML file using a special tool that retains all formatting tags.

We then return the translated IDML file to you, which you can then open in InDesign and save again as an INDD file. You only have to carry out a layout check prior to publishing.

Multimedia projects und digital advertising

Whether it is a sales presentation, training presentation, video or animation, we successfully convert your multimedia project through careful planning.

We translate and localise

  • Audio and Video files,
  • Texts in illustrations, graphics or PDF,
  • Animations in Flash, 3D-Animations, etc.,
  • Applications, programmes, operating systems or ERP systems.