Website & social media

When it comes to translating and reviewing the language of your website or social media, you’re in safe hands with us. Our know-how in web technologies guarantees professionalism and efficiency.

A web presence is now a core function as a source of information and advertising channel for your customers. A properly translated and localised web page adapts your content to the culture and traditions of the target country.

Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We can translate your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Xing. We can also create your Facebook page in the language you want. We offer you expert advice and can work at your request directly in your social media tools.

E-Mail Marketing

Launch an e-mail marketing campaign and address your customers directly in their mother tongue. We can translate and localise your newsletters, whether you use Cleverreach, MailChimp, Newsletter2Go or ActiveCampaign.

We can translate each HTML newsletter template or work directly in your creation tool and create responsive newsletters that are ready to send.

Multilingual Website with Content Management System CMS

WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 or …?

We find an efficient solution to every system. There are numerous Content Management Systems CMS and just as many helper plugins for multilingualism and data export. Depending on the system, multilingualism is supported innately, e.g. for Joomla, or additional plugins are necessary.

Even though the systems are often very different in detail, the translation procedure is similar:

  • You prepare the website for multilingualism and create the desired languages or layout in the Content Management System.
  • You export the contents from the database as an XLIFF or XML file etc.
  • We translate and localise your texts.
  • You reimport the translations into the Content Management System and check the layout (if necessary, the text lengths etc. are adjusted).

We will be happy to support your web designer with the preparations for multilingualism or to recommend a practical plugin for your Content Management System.

Does it make sense to translate directly into Content Management System?

On request, we can translate directly into your CMS. Where possible, however, we recommend exporting and reimporting the texts, so that the contents can be stored in a translation memory or compared to an already existing translation memory. If your website is later updated, the texts can then be translated in no time using translation memory and text repetitions can lead to massive cost reductions.

Direct translation of HTML/PHP pages

We translate HTML, PHP or XML pages with a tag editor, which protects the source code and records the translations in a translation memory.

Static websites or exported data from a CMS database are processed by us with a tag editor The text contents are displayed as a continuous text and can be directly translated in translation memory. All tags, formats and other source codes (HTML, PHP, JS etc.) are protected and cannot be overwritten.

Working in tag editor also allows the source and target language to be compared. In order to preserve the layout, the lengths of the texts in the translation should be approximately the same. Since this is not always possible in every language, a careful layout check is advisable after the translations have been reimported into the website.